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Pay Bills,
Build Credit.

Stellar helps you build credit using the bills you already pay. It works like this:

1. Sign up
2. Link your bills
3. Stellar pays your bill on your behalf and collects the funds from your account
4. We report your bill payments to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion just like any lender would report a credit card payment

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Build Credit Fast

StellarFi improves factors that make up 80% of your score.

No credit check. Easy approval.

Credit age

Build credit age by keeping your line open during the time you have an account with StellarFi.

Credit use

Optimize your credit utilization as StellarFi increases your line of credit with each new linked bill.

On-time payments

Pay your bills with StellarFi to ensure that they are always paid on time

Link and pay bills with Stellar, and build credit.

Why should you care?

Your credit score is made up of your payment history on loans and credit cards. But most of your bills go unreported because they are not made on loans or credit cards.

Raise your score by letting StellarFi pay and report things like your phone bill, rent, yoga class, or favorite streaming service. If you’re paying for it, we can help you get credit.

Don’t just boost your score, build credit that matters to lenders.

We report payments on each bill to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Stellar builds credit
in a whole new way.

When you link a bill in the Stellar app, we'll create an invisible line of credit equal to the amount due. We'll pay the bill on your behalf, then process the payment from your account. You see bills paid on time, and the credit bureaus see a responsible borrower.

No interest, no deposits, and
no limits.

Traditional credit builders require you to hand over a deposit for a low-limit line of credit. Not only do you use up your valuable cash, it's easy to damage your credit further overspending on your secured credit card. Stellar avoids all of these pitfalls.

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